The Importance of Cultural Fit in Your IT Career

We’re hearing a lot about cultural fit lately, and here at VincentBenjamin we’ve been exploring the concept in many of our latest blog posts. There is a reason for that. Company culture informs every aspect of a business, even when companies don’t realize it. Often, it is up to the job seeker to assess the individual corporate culture throughout the interviewing process. How do you do that? Here are some tips for assessing the culture of the workplace before you even start.

  • Review their blog and website for references to culture. Take Google for example. It is easy to find references to Google’s office culture on social media and blogs. But a company doesn’t have to be Google to showcase their office culture online. Dig into their company blog to see what you can find out the company culture before you visit the office in the interviewing process. Pay attention to how their blog is written, as well.
  • Check them out online with sites like Another great resource for finding out more about the culture of an office is You can search for companies you want to work for and see reviews from current and past employees as well as individuals who went through their interviewing process. Much like Yelp for the workplace, while some of the reviews are clearly sour grapes, they can all help inform your decision.
  • Take a look at social media profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media is the third most important place to review company culture. Look on LinkedIn to see how others describe their job and experience. The company’s Facebook page or Twitter account should give you a better picture of how they tackle corporate culture in their workplace.
  • Make contact with a former employee. As you continue your exploration, consider contacting a former employee to talk with. Connect with someone on LinkedIn who previously worked with the company. If you’re in the same area, meet up for coffee and talk about what it was like to work there and why they chose to leave. Otherwise, have a phone conversation to the same end. This can help you with your decision.
  • Simply ask the interviewer about the company culture. Finally, if you decide to pursue the interviewing process, it is perfectly okay for you to be frank in the interview. The interviewer will likely ask you if you have any questions for them, and questions about the environment or corporate culture are a great opportunity to show them you’re interested in more than just the paycheck. Ask about tangible things, like dress code or policies, and intangible things like what employee traits are most successful.

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