The New Interview: How Millennials Are Changing the Process

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Did you know that not all interviews are created equal? Managers need to know how to tailor their line of questioning for their audience and this has never been more apparent than with the millennial generation. This group of young people are entering the workforce at a rapid rate quickly outnumbering the other generations. When interviewing millennial for a position it is important to approach them in a way that it is consistent with their personality and values. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Find out what motivates them on and off the job. Motivation at work is a problem that can develop in any generation of worker but millennials have a reputation that is hard to shake. They are seen as entitled or lazy but this couldn’t be further from the truth for many of the most driven young candidates. Rather than approaching the interview with a bias, determine if their motivation factors match the culture of your business.
  • Give the candidate your undivided attention. This goes for interviewing everyone, not just millennial candidates. Don’t allow for distractions during the interview, they deserve your undivided attention. Tell your staff that you are not to be disturbed. Let the phone go to voice mail. There is nothing that could happen that can’t wait until after the interview. At the same time, try not to let your mind wander and focus on the candidate.
  • Share how the process works to manage expectations. One of the most common and accurate personality traits of millennial candidates is their impatience. This is a culture of immediate gratification and for all the best reasons. However, an interview process will take time and they need to be aware up front. This will help them better manage their own anticipation and tailor their follow up skills to your needs.
  • Ask behavioral questions designed to determine how they think. Lastly, you don’t just want to discuss their skills or experience. You want to know what makes them tick professionally. These questions do not allow for yes or no answers but give the candidate an opportunity to think about how they would really react in a situation. Ask them questions to determine how they value risk or control. Ask them about times when they failed and how they handled it. Ask them what kind of office environment they prefer to work in.

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