The Secret of Work/Life Balance

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A big buzzword over the last couple of years has been “Work/Life Balance.” What does it really mean and how does it affect your business?

In today’s job market, especially with the influx of millennial workers and the changing priorities of the boomer generation, there has been a big change in what employees are expecting when it comes to the time they spend on the job versus their quality free time. The idea that someone might work 70 hours a week to complete a task is antiquated and businesses need to determine how to keep employees engaged and happy on the job.

Work/Life Balance is the idea that employees have more control over the time they spend with their families or doing projects they love outside of work. The right level of balance will enhance their performance on the job.

Here are a few things you can do as an employer to provide the best work/life experience for your team.

  1. Flexible work schedules. One of the most popular methods of engaging employees in the office is to allow them to be out of the office. Many companies fear this will backfire but studies and examples have proven this to be untrue in general. Allow your employees to have a flexible schedule where they may have additional time to take children to school or attend events during the day. Allow them to work from home or all or part of the time.
  2. Wellness programs. Health programs are another important incentive for today’s employees. Remove unhealthy vending machines from your building and offer alternative snacks such as fresh fruit and bottled water. Organize a walking group for lunchtime or bring yoga instructors in once a week. You can even convert an unused office into a meditation space where employees can spend 20 minutes collecting their thoughts. Inexpensive gym memberships are also valued by workers.
  3. Training and development. Of course, the other component of work/life balance is work. Fewer employees are comfortable remaining stagnant in their jobs. They crave challenges and growth. Offer training and mentorship programs that allow them to develop their skills and advance within the company. Matching incoming employees with more seasoned workers to learn about the company is a great way to engage the multiple generations within your business and demonstrate an appreciation for everyone’s contributions.

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