The Top 3 IT Hiring Trends for 2015

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If you’re in the market for an Information Technology job there may be some big changes in the hiring process that can make a big difference in your search. Many of these new trends are fundamentally altering the hiring process. How are recruiters and hiring managers selecting candidates? What roles will be big in 2015? Here is a closer look.

  • Social media: More and more recruiters are turning to social media to find the right candidates for their open jobs. The job boards of a decade ago are feeling the pinch and have added social aspects to their services to make them more attractive, but nothing is better than going directly to the source. LinkedIn is still the top online professional networking tool but Twitter and Facebook are also becoming popular. Be sure to create your online brand and get involved so you can be found.
  • SAP Jobs: While this database technology isn’t the newest or hottest it is still one of the most popular and many businesses still rely on it to function from day to day. However, because different technologies are more popular among new IT professionals there is a lack of qualified individuals to fill these roles. This may be an excellent specialization to remain relevant in certain industries.
  • CIO Roles: The Chief Information Officer jobs are going through an evolution. Now that technology is transitioning from a back office, behind the scenes department to a profit center for many industries the right CIO will be essential. If you’re interested in pursuing an executive career track you may want to start preparing now. Choose a specialization, take on a management or leadership role in your department regardless of your title, and prove your worth to an organization.

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