The Top 5 Traits Workplace Leaders Share

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Leadership skills will serve you well throughout your career regardless of your job title. While many people are born leaders it is possible for anyone to cultivate these skills with a little work and attention. But which leadership skills will be most important to your career? Here are the 5 most important leadership skills you can build.

  1. Can inspire others: A true leader’s best skill is to inspire others not just through their words but also their actions. It is important that you develop the skills to lead by example and communicate effectively to be an inspirational force within the workplace. Are you naturally inclined to inspire others with your words and actions or is this a trait you can work on over time?
  2. Has integrity: Honesty will be integral to becoming a strong leader as your career progresses. You need to remain ethical and stand by your own core values. It will also be essential that you focus your career toward working with companies that also share your specific core values. Your integrity will help you create a name for yourself in your industry.
  3. Is a problem solver: The biggest barrier to anyone’s career advancement and developing leadership skills is falling into a trap of negativity. Leaders don’t blame others for problems, they solve them. It doesn’t matter who was at fault but that it is resolved quickly and effectively. A good leader is someone who will jump in and offer solutions.
  4. Has strong communication skills: A strong leader is also someone who can effectively communicate to a variety of people. They must be able to talk with customers, executives, employees at all levels, and be a positive representation for the company. This not only applies to verbal communication but also their writing style which will engage the reader and open doors.
  5. Is innovative: Finally, someone with excellent leadership skills will be an innovative thinker. Processes and procedures are good for some companies and it is important to follow the rules, but it is equally as important to know which rules to break so you can move yourself and your company to the next level.

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