Three Ways to Showcase Your Workplace Culture

If you’ve been in a management role in the past few years, you’ve likely had some serious conversations about workplace culture. With unemployment remaining low, and candidates putting a greater emphasis on cultural fit, companies who ignore the trend will be hard-pressed to secure the talent they need to continue seamless operations.

This means that businesses need to find mechanisms for showcasing their workplace culture, using it as a selling point to entice potential employees. If you are wondering how to get started, here are three methods for highlighting what you have to offer.

1. Let Current Employees Be Your Champion

No one understands how your culture impacts daily operations like your current staff. After all, they live and breathe it every day.

Your employees are actually a powerful resource when you are recruiting for open positions, so encourage them to act as your voice, enabling them to extol your cultural virtues in a genuine and personal way. So, interview your workers and share their thoughts about the company on social media or bring in a high performer to speak with a particularly talented prospect.

Ultimately, getting the word out is key, so support the members of your team who would be happy to discuss why they love working for the company.

2. Don’t Force Square Pegs into Round Holes

While it may sound strange to pass on a great talent in the name of workplace culture, sometimes it’s the best move. If you are meeting with a strong candidate and it becomes apparent the role doesn’t match their passion or long-term goals, not offering them the job can actually be the best for both of you.

However, this approach is only effective if you are willing to share why you made the decision with the job seeker. You don’t have to go into detail but telling them you suspect they aren’t the best fit for the position because it doesn’t align with their objectives can actually result in positive word-of-mouth, as most skilled professionals will respect your honesty and that you are looking out for not just your, but their best interest as well.

3. Actively Promote Your Best Perks

When it comes to the perks you offer, job seekers want to know what’s on the table. And every company has perks worth talking about.

Whether you offer training, room for advancement, flexible scheduling or a myriad of other benefits, don’t keep them a secret from candidates. Often, they weigh these offerings along with your traditional compensation package, and the right perks can be very enticing. Plus, they provide insights into your overall workplace culture, and that’s important to job seekers as well.

Ultimately, you have a lot of options for showcasing your workplace culture, so use them to your advantage to help bolster your recruitment efforts and find your ideal candidate.

Want to Work for a Company with Great Workplace Culture?

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