Top 10 LinkedIn Invite Messages to Build Your Network

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Everyone has clicked on the LinkedIn option to connect with others only to send out the generic email that reads, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” However, these messages don’t really give the reader a sense of who you are and as a result, they may not accept the invitation. Instead, you should always be using more detailed messages to get their attention. Here are some of the best messages to use when connecting with others on LinkedIn. Feel free to cut, paste, and edit as you need for your LinkedIn connections.

  1. Networking connection: “It was great meeting you at the <insert name of> event. I enjoyed the conversation we had about <insert subject here.> I wanted to reach out so we could stay in touch.”
  2. Group connection: “I am also a member of the <insert LinkedIn group name here> and I read your comments about <specific subject.> I’d love to keep in touch so we could continue the conversation.”
  3. Former associate: “I know it’s been a while since we’ve connected and I hope you are doing well. <Insert question about family or last known interest.> I saw that you are now working with <insert company name,> how is it going? Let’s stay connected.”
  4. University alumnus: “I came across your profile and noticed you are also a graduate of <insert university or college name here.> We have some interests in common as well. <Insert common interest here.> Maybe we can get together sometime and chat.”
  5. Genuine interest: “I found your profile on LinkedIn and I am impressed with your accomplishments. It would be great to connect with you and talk about how you <insert impressive accomplishment here.>
  6. Blog writers: “I was reading your blog and I greatly enjoyed your post on <insert blog post subject here.> I would like to keep up to date with your writing so I hope you connect with me here on LinkedIn”.
  7. Friend of a friend:<Name of mutual friend> suggested we connect. We have a few things in common including <insert common interest here> so I hope we can chat about them.”
  8. A shared mission: “I saw that you were also involved with <insert cause or interest here.> I wanted to connect to see how we might be able to help each other spread the word.
  9. Potential mentor: “I am reaching out to you today to talk with you more about your career in <field of expertise.> I am currently studying to become a <career> myself and was hoping you could shed some light on your experiences for me.”
  10. A recruiter: “I saw that you work for <staffing company or firm name here> and I wanted to find out if you were currently hiring for positions in <job title.> I have <insert number here>years’ experience in this field and am currently looking for a new position. I hope we can connect and discuss the options further. “

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