Top 10 Tools for Remote Working

Are you looking for remote working opportunities? Or maybe you work from home now and are interested in additional tools to make your experience easier? With so many people working remotely today, there are plenty of tools on the market that can enhance the remote worker’s experience to stay on top of office relationships and daily duties. What are the top 10 tools for remote working? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Slack: One of the most talked about coworking solutions on today’s market is Slack. At its most basic, Slack is an instant messaging system that also allows for collaboration. It allows you to engage in group conversations, private or confidential conversations, and share files with others.
  2. Asana: This is a free-to-use software solution that can allow businesses to run everything remotely. It can track tasks, projects, and conversations to allow everyone to stay on the same page. There are also paid versions that have more features.
  3. Dropbox: To share documents, files, pictures, and more, many companies use Dropbox. This is one of the first and remains one of the biggest file sharing products on the market. That market share makes them a top choice.
  4. GoToMeeting: To facilitate group meetings, and utilize presentations or documents, many companies turn to GoToMeeting. It is set up to allow anyone on the call to see the presenter’s visual aids.
  5. Google Hangouts: While many people like Skype for face-to-face conference calls, Google Hangouts is best when used with groups. Each member of the team can see one another to help facilitate group discussions.
  6. Google Drive: Another file share that is free and easy to use is Google’s own option. It offers a word processing platform, spreadsheets, presentations, and more to allow you to collaborate on any documents and tools your team needs.
  7. HiveDesk: For businesses to track the performance, hours, and other benchmarks of their remote team, HiveDesk is considered one of the best tools. This option is perfect for companies with remote workers who are permanent employees rather than contractors.
  8. Buffer: Social media is a key ingredient for the success of any business today. Remote employees working in social marketing can use Buffer to save time and schedule posts out to all social media sites at once.
  9. Canva: If you want an easy to way to create graphics and designs for websites or social media, many companies and individual employees are turning to Canva. You can create professional looking designs using their template.
  10. Boomerang: When you’re working remotely, you may have team members or customers from all over the world. This tool can be used in conjunction with Gmail to schedule out messages so you’re not spamming your coworkers when they’re off the clock.

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