Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Finance Career

Technology has changed the landscape of the typical accounting industry job. Finance professionals now have instant access to online and digital tools to help their own career and their clients. They can also give a job seeker tools to stay on top of current trends in the industry. Here are the top 5 apps we recommend to accounting professionals to improve your financial career.

  1. Dropbox: Not specific to the accounting industry, Dropbox has long been a go-to for many businesses. It provides secure file storage and sharing which can help remote users and independent contractors work better together. It is critical that sensitive financial data is kept secure, and using Dropbox can help. It is easy to use and available for mobile or desktop applications.
  2. Mozy: This app can provide you with easy to use data protection to manage your information on the cloud in a safe and effective way. Cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous in the professional arena, but many companies are still concerned about the safety of data stored this way. Mozy can remove some of the most common security issues and give you, your employer, and your client peace of mind.
  3. Freshbooks: This is a free, online invoicing tool that could easily take the place of more expensive bookkeeping options such as Quickbooks or custom built database oriented software packages. Freshbooks can make accounting tools accessible to everyone, but many businesses are taking this to the next level and using it for their company’s back office as well.
  4. Xero: This is another alternative to Quickbooks and other more expensive. Experts suggest that new and experienced accountants can help their careers by learning about multiple modern platforms for financial management. When you apply or interview for new positions, experience with multiple platforms will look good on your resume.
  5. Kashflow: Another service that is similar to Freshbooks and Xero is Kashflow, but it adds on a payroll component that will attract small business owners. This is a one-stop shopping platform to maintain all aspects of finance for a business. It can replace all back office software and is accessible and easy to use.

What new technology or apps have you used in your accounting career? We have accounting recruiters located in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver, so contact us today and let us know.