Top 5 Candidate Traits Recruiters Look For

Recruiters, both in agency and corporate environments, are often the first line of defense between you and the job you want. Understanding what it is a recruiter is looking for will help you gain their favor and be considered for open positions. Before you engage with a recruiter to help you find your next job, consider working on these traits to help you stand out from your competition.

  1. Overall intelligence. Intelligence is more than just your knowledge. It encompasses a lot of important attributes such as emotional intelligence and an ability to figure out solutions when you might not know every step you need to take. Recruiters are looking for people who are as thoughtful as they are smart. They want someone with critical thinking skills, not just experience.
  2. Likable personality. It is also important to be liked by the recruiter. Yes, of course, this is truly subjective but that doesn’t make it less important. One recruiter might absolutely love you while another seems to brush you off. If that is the case, cultivate the relationship with the one who likes you and they will try hard to match you with the right businesses.
  3. Calculated risk taking. Recruiters also want to see that someone hasn’t just played it safe throughout their career. Do something exciting and they will want to talk to you about it. It could be anything from going back to school for a new degree to hiking the Appalachian Trail. Show them that you’re not afraid to take an unexpected leap.
  4. Curiosity of the world around you. A recruiter also wants to represent candidates who are truly interested in participating with their environment. They want someone with a thirst for knowledge and the curiosity to question why things are done and figure it out. This gives them the sense that you will share this interest with a new employer.
  5. Self Confidence. Finally, a recruiter wants to represent someone who is confident in their skills and their future. However, be cautious that your self-confidence doesn’t transform in to arrogance. Be sure of yourself, but don’t be resistant to constructive criticism or demonstrate that you are inflexible.

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