Top 5 Finance Jobs for 2017

2017 is coming upon us faster than we had expected. Before too much longer, the entire holiday season will be over and we’ll be starting January fresh. Are you looking for the next level in your financial career? The New Year is a good time to start your job search, so consider these top financial jobs in 2017.

  • Treasurer roles. These positions are among the top roles and highest paying jobs in finance. Many organizations are expecting to need experts to fill these positions. They often do require at least 15 years direct experience, but the base pay is over 6-figures, so aiming toward this path is admirable and advantageous. A treasurer directs and coordinates the treasury activity for the company or organization.
  • Financial analyst. If you not only love numbers but are really into digging into the analysis of economic and corporate decisions, this may be the role for you. The position generally pays somewhere in the high $40,000 to mid $60,000 annually, but there is a lot of room for advancement. An entry level financial analyst job only requires up to two years’ experience.
  • Corporate controller. Another higher level position in the finance arena is a controller. This position, like a treasurer, usually requires about 15 years of previous related experience. But, also like a treasurer position, it can pay well over $100,000 per year. A controller is responsible for directing and planning reports that that summarize and forecast the business activity and financial future for the organization.
  • Compliance manager. This position, requiring around 7 years of previous experience, can start at around $80,000 per year. The role is responsible for the development, maintenance, implementation, and revision of company policies as they relate to local, state, and federal law. As more and more oversight is necessary for corporations, this is a critical role.
  • Tax accountant. Finally, there will always be a need for professional tax accountants. A senior tax accountant can make between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. Around 5 years’ experience is required. This position is responsible for filing federal and state taxes for businesses, organizations, or individuals. In many cases, tax accountants are independent contractors, or they could work for a large financial or accounting firm.

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