Top 5 Job Search Myths Busted

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If only the job market were full of easy to follow rules that were fair for everyone. Unfortunately, not all job searches are equal and what works for one person may not work for someone else. This doesn’t stop well-meaning friends and opinionated professionals from making broad statements about what works and what doesn’t. Here are just a few of the most common job search myths that can change the way you look for your next career move.

  • Don’t quit until you have another job. It’s been said thousands of times over the years, but is it true that companies prefer to hire someone who is currently working? Unfortunately, the logic here is imperfect. It largely depends on your specific situation. Staying in a job that is stressful and frustrating doesn’t help your career either and can eventually lead to a desperate measures or burning bridges. If the best option for you is to quit your current job then do that. Make a plan for your continued job search and work on it every day.
  • “You’re overqualified” is a way of discriminating based on age. That isn’t to say some companies don’t use “overqualified” as a code word for “too old,” but assuming this is always the case can be dangerous. When a company considers someone who is overqualified they need to keep in mind the financial aspect of the decision. They also want to ensure that the person they hire will be happy in their role for a long time. Taking a chance on someone overqualified can lead to job dissatisfaction. Your role as a job seeker is to convince them why hiring you is their best choice.
  • No one uses a cover letter any more. There has never been a more untrue piece of advice when it comes to searching for a job. The cover letter may, in fact, be the single most important tool you have at your disposal. This is how you demonstrate to a potential employer that you are the right person for their job. Use it to augment your resume and encourage them to want to know more about you. By the time they’re done reading your cover letter they should want to pick up the phone.
  • You need to have the exact experience before applying. So many times people skip over job ads because they can’t put a positive check mark next to everything listed as a requirement. Instead, rethink these things. Transferable skills are highly sought after and there are many ways you can apply your current experience to a new opportunity. This is the perfect situation for your cover letter. You can describe the experience you have and relate it to the job that is available.
  • Online job applications are the only option today. Job seekers get discouraged when they are told time and time again to go online and apply. These applications get lost in the hiring black hole and it can feel frustrating. However, it isn’t the only option. Cultivating excellent networking skills is essential for any career. Begin by connecting to individuals on LinkedIn who may be able to help you get a foot in the door. Also, attend local industry events whenever possible.

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