Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Job Interview

Interviewing is both a necessary step and a nerve wracking experience. No one is completely comfortable when they step into the office for an interview, including the interviewer. However, you can make your experience just a little better if you can avoid these common mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at the “don’ts” for your next interview.

  1. Arrive late. When an applicant arrives late for an interview, there is probably no chance to recover. It sets a negative precedent and the interviewer will assume your tardiness will be an ongoing problem. Before the interview, check your directions. Make a trial run if you can. Leave early to account for traffic or construction. And, if after all of your precautions, you are still running late call before your arrival time to let them know.
  2. Dress unprofessionally. The best advice a job seeker can take is to ensure they are always dressed professionally when meeting with a potential employer. The default should always be a suit. For men, a shirt and tie will also be okay. For women, keep your accessories to a minimum. The only exception to this rule should be if you’re specifically instructed to arrive wearing casual attire. That can be a test to see if you’ll follow directions.
  3. Keep your phone on. Most people understand that they shouldn’t answer their cell phone from an interview, but some people forget the crucial step of turning it off before they enter the meeting. Simply put it on vibrate before you walk into the office. This can save you from embarrassment and avoid distracting the interviewer. Let your friends and family know that you’ll be unavailable for that time.
  4. Negative commentary. Your reasons for leaving your previous position may include not getting along with coworkers or disliking your boss. While these reasons may be valid, they are inappropriate for a discussion at an interview. If you speak negatively about your former employer it will only lead the interviewer to assume you will have a similar attitude while working for them.
  5. Fail to research. Finally, you never want to enter an interview unprepared. Never ask an interview what their company does or to describe the job for you. You need to conduct your own research on the organization and the position before you apply or attend the interview. This information is usually readily available on the job posting, the company website, their social media, and LinkedIn profiles.

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