Top 5 Time Wasters to Avoid in 2015

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We are well into January 2015 and by now we should know whether or not our resolutions are going to stick. Most people give up their resolutions by February unless they’ve created a strong plan to keep up with their goals. However, changing habits is an entirely different mindset and can begin at any time. Do you want to be more productive in 2015? It is never too late to start.

Here are some time wasters you should avoid to stay more productive at work:

  1. Stop working late: As it turns out, staying late to finish a project doesn’t actually help. People who stay late in the job are faster to burn out and can actually end up taking more time than necessary to complete a task. Manage your working hours better and create a more pleasing work/life balance.
  2. Stop being controlled by technology: About 10 years ago the advent of the cell phone changed the game for many managers and workers. Now people were accessible 24 hours a day. This created a culture where work never ended. Unfortunately, it also produced an environment of overstressed, angry employees who felt tied to the office. Everyone needs to take a step back from technology. Use it to organize your day better, not as a tether or a distraction.
  3. Start organizing your desk and time better: Disorganized people can waste a lot of precious time just by trying to find the thing that they need to be concentrating on. There are so many tools available that can help you stay organized and keep your schedule on track.
  4. Stop having so many meetings: It has been proven that most meetings cause a drop in productivity rather than enhancing it. Your team needs to be focused on the work they are performing rather than discussing it at length. When you do have meetings make sure they are short, start on time, and don’t derail into conversations that are better had one-on-one.
  5. Stop using your email as a to-do list: That satisfying “ding” that says you’ve got mail can be addictive. However, email should not be a substitute for a to-do list. Set aside specific times during the day to read and reply to emails. Don’t reply to messages immediately. Give yourself sometime to think and craft the right response. If there is something that needs your immediate attention pick up the phone instead of hitting reply.

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