Top 5 Tips to Ace the Group Interview

Most job seekers expect traditional interviews. They arrive at an office, meet with a hiring manager, and field questions about their background and abilities. Advice for these types of interview is readily available. However, few professionals are prepared for a group interview. Some companies like to utilize this technique to evaluate several job seekers at once. It is important that you can stand out from the crowd in these situations. Here are tips for acing that group interview.

  1. Research the company. The more prepared you are before the interview the better you can handle the pressure of answering questions in front of an audience of your competition. Learn everything you can about the company. Start with their website and review LinkedIn and other social media. This can also help you prepare some questions ahead of time.
  2. Be early and observant. Of course, you should never arrive late for any interview but in the instance a group meeting arriving early will give you a competitive edge. Give yourself at least 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow lower your anxiety levels while you’re in the office and give you a chance to observe the corporate culture. You can tailor some of your responses to this environment.
  3. Prepare an elevator speech. Each candidate will be given a few moments to introduce themselves. You don’t want to be caught off guard and stumble through your answer with “ums” and “uhs.” An elevator speech is a 30 second description of who you are and why you’re interested in this opportunity. Be sure to reference why you want to work for this company specifically.
  4. Listen carefully. It is easy to become distracted in a group interview. People often get in the habit of listening only long enough to develop a response. Don’t give into this temptation. Listen not only to the interviewers but also the other candidates. You can even occasionally support their points of view in your own answers.
  5. Engage and participate. A group interview is a way to determine how you handle stressful situations and group dynamics so engaging and participating properly is very important. Occasionally answer first, but not every time. Use storytelling to get your point across but be brief. Make eye contact. Finally, be sure to ask some questions of your own.

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