Top Information Security Jobs

Information Security is drawing a lot of attention today. Our culture’s use of social media, big data, and The Cloud means there is a real need to ensure that all of our information is safe. Infosec, as a part of the technology industry, is a good place to consider if you want to specialize for your career. Just look at some of the big conferences, like Black Hat, that take place throughout the year. So if you want to consider a career in information security, here are some positions you can work toward.

  • Chief Information Security Officer. While you might not be able to start out in a CISO position, it is a good role to aspire to, and any of the following jobs can give you some insight on this career path. To get to this level in your career, you need to have experience in IT strategy and security architecture. Regardless of where you’ve started your IT career, you can position yourself for this future path by following some of the other infosec job opportunities.
  • Security Architect. This person is responsible for building and maintaining the actual infrastructure that controls the information security of a company or corporation. They must develop a plan that takes into account all of the technology and information needs of the company and execute it to maintain top security measures.
  • Security Director. If you want to have a hand on all aspects of information security for an organization, this position oversees every level of processes. You will design, manage, and allocate the resources and budget to ensure that all of the security needs are met across a wide range of aspects within the company.
  • Security Manager. Below these senior roles is a manager of internet security position. This mid-level management position requires not only technology skills but excellent business acumen as well. Specifically, this is the position where you will need to develop important soft skills such as communication, organization, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Security Engineer. If you’re looking for a role that is more behind the scenes, a security engineer position may be right for you. This job is more focused on the technical requirements of information security rather than working with others in the department or with outside clients. It is critical that you are familiar with a wide range of IT skills and internet security to enter the job market.

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