Top LinkedIn Groups for Financial Professionals

You’re on LinkedIn, so now what? You’ve heard from everyone that a LinkedIn presence is essential for advancing your financial career, but once you have a profile how can you leverage this social media tool? The most effective strategy to get involved in LinkedIn groups. Groups can either be local or industry based, or sometimes both, so the key is to find which ones are best for you and your long term plans. Here are several to consider as you enhance your LinkedIn presence.

  1. Finance Club. This group is one of the oldest running and best known online networking opportunities for financial professionals. Its goal is to expand the network of members in a positive way. They welcome anyone in a financial-related position including banking, accounting, insurance, real estate, and more. They also have several subgroups based on specific industry or local area so you can pinpoint your networking needs.
  2. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Network. Even if you are not in a current leadership position, it may be on your professional radar. This group is billed as the number one place for leaders in finance to network. You can use this group to connect with leaders in the industry or to showcase your skills and find your next opportunity.
  3. Super CFO. Along the same lines, Super CFO is another method to connect with leaders in finance. The group is geared toward CFOs as well as finance directors, controllers, risk managers, lawyers, forensic accountants, and more. The list is extensive and the description suggests that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students will also benefit from membership in the group.
  4. Banking Careers. This group, sponsored by a larger financial organization, boasts over 500,000 members and is a great resource for anyone in banking or finance. While these business based groups can sometimes be one-note, this one seems to be a well-rounded place to discuss the industry with professionals from all over the world. And, you may be seen by important contacts within the financial industry if you participate.

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