3 Top Tips for Millennial Accountants

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In 2011 The Move Project released a report about the future of accounting. The report indicated that young millennial women make up the majority of people entering the accounting field. Over 55% of the graduates with bachelor’s degrees in accounting were women. 54% of individuals graduating from master’s programs were also women at that time. In an era where the job market has been called grim and difficult, these young accounting professionals want nothing more than to land a good job with a good company. Accounting is no longer the back office industry of our parent’s generation. For young women and men entering the field, what should they know? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Get your accounting certification. Whether it is a CPA or a CMA or something else entirely, having those letters on your resume will help you advance your career. Many businesses are only considering candidates with these certifications so no matter how competent you are accounting you may get passed over if you don’t have them. However, once you do you will find yourself more competitive in the marketplace.
  • Build a network. While you’re still in school or working on your certifications, start building your network. Volunteer in accounting. Several non-profit industries in your area may need help with their books and would love some help. This is a great resume builder and will help you meet others in your community. Find a mentor who can help you by providing examples, answers, and as a sounding board for ideas.
  • Find a niche. Finally, accounting isn’t really a stand-alone industry in modern business. If you want to be part of the corporate world, chances are you’ll work in the finance or accounting department of a company that specializes in some other industry. Determine which industry you want to work with the most and start steering your career in that direction. For example, if you’ve always been interested in Information Technology, start thinking about a career in accounting from that perspective. Learn that industry and network with IT companies to find your way into an accounting role in their business.

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