What Are the Top Video Interviewing Mistakes?

Video interviewing has become popular over the last several years and is only going to gain more followers in 2017. The idea behind video interviewing, using conference software such as Skype, is to allow more face-to-face interaction with a remote candidate or allow for the consideration of candidates willing to relocate. With so many companies relying on video interviewing, job seeker’s need to be aware of the biggest pitfalls in order to avoid them. Here are the top mistakes people make in video interviews and what you can do to steer clear.

  1. The program doesn’t work. When your video interview is scheduled, they will provide you the details about the program you will be using. Whether it is a specialized conference software or a web-based application like Skype or Google Hangouts, make sure you download any necessary programs on your computer and test it out. Find a friend who uses the same system and ask them to conference in with you to make sure everything is working.
  2. Your webcam or microphone won’t work. Once you have the software figured out, make sure that your hardware is also in good working order. Is your microphone working? Do you need a headset or are your speakers good enough? Is your camera working? If these things fail in the process of the interview it could be devastating, so make sure they are ready to go ahead of time.
  3. Your background is messy. Be mindful of where you are holding the interview. Is your office space cluttered? Is there inappropriate art on the wall behind you? You may want to find a place that is neutral in tone with good lighting that will feature you, rather than your surroundings, in the interview.
  4. You have too many distractions. By the same token, make sure that your environment is free from distractions. Turn off your cell phone. Ask your family to leave you alone for the duration of the meeting. Make sure your pets won’t be able to distract you. If you need to, ask someone to help you so you can avoid unnecessary distractions during the interview.
  5. You don’t treat it like a serious interview. Lastly, a video interview is every bit as formal and serious as a face-to-face meeting. Many people forget this part, but it is imperative that you are prepared. Dress professionally, mind your body language, and make sure you are neat and presentable. Do your homework ahead of time to learn what you can about the company. Have your resume handy and any other notes that will help you remember key things you want to discuss.

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