What to Look for in Your Next Employer

If you’re in the hunt for a new job, you have probably thought a little about the type of company you want to work for. But other than some of the basics, like general salary and benefits packages, what should you consider when accepting a job offer? Before you say yes, it is helpful to understand if the company is the right kind of employer for you and your long term career plans. Here are a few things to consider when looking for your next employer.

  • Stability: With the recession of the mid 2000s behind us, many new employees are looking for their next employer to demonstrate long term stability. That doesn’t necessary mean you have to dismiss start-ups completely, but you will want to see that the owners have a plan in mind for the future.
  • Opportunity: You may also want to ensure that you have a place within that long term vision. What are the options for moving up in the company after you’ve excelled in the current position? An employer may ask where you see yourself in 5 years, you can ask them the same question.
  • Involvement: More than ever, today’s employees are looking for companies who are invested in their community. Do they have a volunteer program? Are they known in the community as an upstanding corporate citizen? How do they measure involvement with their employees and clients?
  • Core values: Start with the mission statement. Does the company’s mission align with your own personal values? It is important that you work with an organization that shares similar overall values or you may find yourself in a position where your loyalties are questions and you have to make an important moral decision.
  • Culture: You also want to step back and take a look at the broader corporate culture of this employer. Does it match your personality? Do you see yourself working with others in this environment? A process oriented individual may find themselves uncomfortable in a casual office. Trying to fit in where you’re not comfortable may not be a great career choice.
  • Innovation: Lastly, today’s employees are looking for a company where they can make a difference. What kind of programs do they offer? Is there a ways to improve processes, share your ideas, or contribute to the long term success of the organization? Joining a company that cares about how they develop will help you feel satisfied in your career.

What are you looking for in your next employer? VincentBenjamin can help, we have recruiting offices located in Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles and Orange County.