Why is Cultural Fit Important for Your Accounting Job?

There are a lot of stereotypes about accountants and financial professionals. But, as we all know, stereotypes are just a part of the bigger picture. While some accountants are introverts, others are not. What matters more is what the existing culture of an office environment is to know whether or not your personality, attitude, and workstyle will fit in with a new job. If you’ve ever been denied a job offers because you weren’t a “fit,” here is a little more insight on why cultural fit is important for your accounting job and what you can do in the future.

  • Culture is the small picture. Culture is really made up of the small things that inform every part of how an office interacts. It is the shared values and the way processes are handled. It is how to ask others for help and what you can do to give back to the office community. Focusing on the small things will enhance your ability to fit in with the group at large. And that is equally as important for accounting as it is for every other role in the office.
  • Workplace cohesion. The company culture also gives a sense of a shared identity. This isn’t to say that your individual identity doesn’t matter, but like with any community the identity of the group is just as important as the individuals. If your personal values aren’t in line with the company values, then workplace cohesion can’t happen as you’ll find yourself butting heads with the normal mode of thinking and accomplishing tasks.
  • How to individualize culture. What you can do is integrate your individual personality with the whole to enhance it. What makes you unique in this environment? How can that be an asset to the team as a whole? What knowledge do you have that someone else doesn’t? This could fill an important gap that is necessary in the office ecosystem. To reinforce that in an interview can make the difference between getting a job offer and not.
  • The long term implications. Company culture not only influences the everyday in the office, but it also affects the long term goals of the business as well as the individuals. It isn’t difficult to recognize that once your long term goals and the culture of an office no longer match that restlessness can settle in. If you don’t buy into the corporate culture from your accounting role, you’ll quickly become disillusioned with the job and that won’t benefit either party.

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