Why Partnering with a Staffing Firm Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Your company can save money though the hiring process by working with a staffing agency to help you fill your open positions. Why? The cost of hiring is high, especially when it comes to additional training or the cost of missed business while you’re filling the job. Working with a staffing firm can expedite the process and incorporate the cost into the service. Here are some of the reasons partnering with an agency can give you more bang for your buck.

  1. Benefit from their network. Staffing agencies work by developing a database of qualified candidates. They have access to professionals interested in working temporary assignments and those seeking permanent positions. Your recruiter is trained to select individuals who best match your organizational needs. They can pull from their existing database as well as source additional candidates. Rather than investing your time and resource into this process, a professional recruiter can use their skills to benefit your company.
  2. Prescreening is automatic. Your company could have simple or complex requirements for hiring candidates. The recruiter will be able to work with your own requirements and prescreen potential candidates accordingly. They already have the resources to conduct background checks, drug screens, and references and all of that can be include in the cost of service when you partner with a staffing firm. They agency may have automatic prescreening services, and more complex options can be added for a small fee.
  3. Terms and conditions apply. You can view your staffing partner as a vendor for your company. The only difference is that their product is people. They, of course, need to make money for their services but your time is as valuable as their service, so when you take that into account you can see the value in partnering with a recruiter. Talk with your representative to determine the best package that can benefit your both and understand the terms before hiring your next employee.
  4. Placement guarantees. As much as everyone would prefer it, not every employee is going to work out. You can lower your risk when working with an agency. If their employee does not work out within a specified period of time, you have an opportunity to allow the agency to work on finding a replacement. Different agencies will have different terms for their guarantees, but they are always designed to make the experience best for your organization.

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