Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters

There is plenty of information available about using LinkedIn, but very little indicates why it is so important. Experts will happily tell you how to maximize your profile so you get noticed by all the right employers. Is it really the top network for employers and job seekers? Does having the profile completed and searchable really make a difference? Why should you care about LinkedIn? Here are a couple of reasons to consider for ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is current and complete.

  • Networking, online and off, is critical. For decades the prevailing professional advice has been, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” While you certainly need to be proficient in your skill set, it is also imperative that you build a network to help you achieve your goals. Before the rise of the internet, this was strictly done one-on-one in the community. But today, we can expand our networks globally, and that is a good thing.
  • Learn about new companies. Before you attend an interview you need to do your homework. But this should extend beyond the company website, which will only tell you what they want you to know. But you can use LinkedIn to get additional insider information. Look at current employees and look at past employees. See how they interact on the social media site, including status updates and blog posts.
  • Make reference easier to get. A job offer could live or die by the quality of references you can provide. But what if your best reference was from several jobs ago? Using LinkedIn, you can stay connected with the important players of your past. Send them a message to ask if they would be willing to act as a reference and make sure you get the most up to date contact information to pass on to you potential employer.
  • Be available for potential employers. Speaking of potential employers, there is no network available today that is quite like LinkedIn when it comes to showcasing talent. The job boards of the past can’t even get you the exposure that you can get on LinkedIn. In fact, what makes it different, is that even when you’re not actively looking, a potential employer can find you. You never know what opportunities lie ahead when you’re not on the hunt for them.

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