If I Take a Temp Job, Does This Mean I Will Always Be a Temp Employee?

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Many professionals worry that, if they take a temp job, they will always be a temporary employee. While certain positions can undoubtedly be finite in nature, many temp positions have potential beyond the duration of the initial contract.

Companies bring in temporary workers for a wide variety of reasons, and not all of them are short-term. Some can lead to permanent opportunities, allowing the temp employee to transition into a full-time member of the company’s team.

If you are wondering whether taking a temp job limits your career potential, here’s what you need to know.

Trial Runs

Many companies bring in professionals on temporary assignments as part of their hiring process. When the temp employee accepts the assignment, they begin working for the organization. During their contract, the employer can observe the worker in their environment, assessing their capabilities in real-world scenarios, and determining if they are a good long-term fit.

Essentially, a company may use temporary arrangements to function as a working interview. This allows them to give the employee a trial run and, if they are a good match for the role and the company, extend a permanent job offer when the time is right.

As a bonus, the temp employee also benefits from this arrangement. They can determine if the work and environment meet their needs before committing to a permanent position. If it is a good fit, they can accept the job with greater peace of mind. If not, they can part ways when the contract is over and start exploring other opportunities at that time.

Future Openings

In some cases, a temporary assignment is what it sounds like – short-term. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t help you land a permanent position with that company.

If you make a great impression as a temp employee, you may be approached with other opportunities with that employer in the future. When a suitable long-term opening comes along, you might be the first on their list to fill it, as you are already a known quantity who has a relationship with the organization.

Additionally, every temporary assignment is a chance to grow your professional network. Even if there isn’t a suitable opening at that company, you may meet people who have knowledge of vacancies at other leading companies, giving you an edge.

Finally, a temp position also comes with the chance to grow your skills and boost your work history. Every role and environment varies from the others, and you may get to have an experience that can help you further your career by exploring temporary assignments, making it easier to secure a permanent role in the future.

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Ultimately, taking a temp job doesn’t mean you will always be a temporary employee. That role may convert into a full-time opportunity or could help you find positions at other companies and boost your resume. If you would like to learn more about the power of temporary assignments, the team at VB can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled recruiters today and see how our services can benefit you.

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