Empowering Women in Tech: How Your Business Can Lead the Charge

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Today, fewer women work in tech than men. While progress has been made over recent years to entice women to consider the field, there is still a substantial amount of work that needs to be done.

Managers can take steps to create environments that are more welcoming to female tech workers. Similarly, they can select paths that eliminate issues of gender bias both in hiring and when it comes to opportunities in their organizations.

If you want to empower women in tech, here are some tips that can help your business lead the charge.

Provide Opportunities to Support Their Growth

Nearly all employees want to advance in their field. By implementing programs that help women develop their skills and capabilities, you can support their professional development and help them progress.

Anything from formal training to mentorship programs can be viable options. This allows you to cultivate female talent internally, including preparing them for leadership roles, while also making you an employer of choice for women in technology looking for new positions.

Recognize and Correct Gender Bias

Acknowledging that women face obstacles in the technology field that men don’t encounter is critical. Gender bias can occur in any workplace, and sometimes the bias isn’t intentional, but unconscious.

People tend to seek out others who remind them of themselves. If your hiring managers are male, they may accidentally favor male candidates because they feel more familiar. Similarly, male leaders may present fewer opportunities to women for the same reason.

Gender bias may also have other influences in the workplace. For instance, the perception that women are caregivers in their household may affect how absences related to childcare obligations may be viewed. Further, the assumption that issues with caring for children may impact women to a higher degree than men may unfairly skew how managers assign tasks, believing that work-family balance limits women more and affects what they should be asked to handle.

Identifying potential gender bias in your organization is a critical first step. Then, you can find solutions to level the playing field, ensuring no one is unfairly penalized or favored simply because they belong to a particular gender group.

Ensure Everyone Has a Chance to Be Heard

Many women struggle when it comes to being heard in tech workplaces. If they are the only woman in a meeting, they may feel somewhat intimidated, decreasing the odds they will share their thoughts by forcing their way into the conversation.

Similarly, some female tech workers aren’t inclined to speak up unless they feel they are an expert on the subject, even if their viewpoint would be valuable to the discussion. In some cases, these issues may be exacerbated by men who are willing to speak over people who come off as quiet or uncertain (regardless of whether gender is a factor in their actions).

Implementing mechanisms that allow everyone to be heard will remedy this potential issue. This doesn’t just benefit women either, as anyone who is introverted will also gain a chance to take the floor.

Looking to recruit top tech professionals?

By embracing the tips above, you can empower women in tech. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at VB can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with a member of our skilled team today and see how our employee empowerment expertise can benefit you.

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