Your Guide to Becoming a Successful IT Manager

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Where do you see your information technology career in the future? Some people are more interested in the programming aspect while others see themselves in management roles. As an IT manager you will need skills beyond your technological experience. So how can you be successful in this role? Let’s take a look at some of the traits that IT managers need to become great leaders in the industry.

  • Communication skills. Effective managers are effective communicators. It is important when you’re managing a diverse group of people that you learn the best techniques for communicating with everyone. Some managers find yelling an effective strategy but this only works for so long before a team revolts. If you’re concerned about your ability to clearly articulate information consider taking communications classes to hone your skills.
  • Delegation skills. Another important role of a manager is delegation. No one likes working for a micromanager so if you feel that standing over each employee is the most effective way to accomplish a task you may want to reconsider. You also need to be able to let go of tasks and trust that your staff has the skills to get them done correctly.
  • Setting an example. The best leaders lead by example. Rather than adopting a “do as I say, not as I do,” attitude you should be a role model for them in the office. Employees are loyal to managers to treat them well, appreciate their work, and are willing to roll up their sleeves to get important projects done on time.
  • Motivational techniques. A good leader is also someone for whom employees want to do a good job. You should learn ways to motivate your staff. It is also important to understand that no two people are motivated by the same thing. Get to know your team on an individual level and learn the best ways to engage and encourage each one.

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