10 Career Tips for New Financial Planners

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You’re about to start your first financial planning job so what do you do now to ensure you’re successful? What can you do now to help your career start off on the right foot? Let’s look at these 10 simple things that will change everything.

  1. Know your goals. Many people get caught up in the momentum of their career and don’t stop to think about their end game. Look at each step with a critical eye.
  2. Learn from mistakes. Successful people are willing to take risks as long as they are able to learn from their mistakes. Don’t actively make mistakes but own them when you do.
  3. Control your time. Your career shouldn’t control you, you need to control it. Manage your time and give yourself permission to have a good work/life balance.
  4. Don’t stop learning. Read, take classes, and talk to others in your industry. As soon as you stop learning you will become stagnant in your career.
  5. Create your brand. Financial planning is a brand driven career. You need to create something that allows you to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Give back to the community. People like to work with professionals who are an active part of their community. Use your time to share your skills with organizations who need the help.
  7. Find a mentor. Along the way in your career you’ll meet people you admire. Stay in touch with them. Learn what they can teach you about being successful.
  8. Be patient. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t expect promotions on the fast track. Be patient with yourself as well as the people you’re working with.
  9. Join a trade group. Get involved in an organization in your community dedicated to financial planning. This will help you stay relevant.
  10. Reassess your plans. Continuously review your original goal. Determine if you’re where you want to be now or if there are changes you should be making along the way. Your career never has to be set in stone.

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