3 Ways Confidence Can Land You a New Job

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Don’t worry, everyone is nervous when they’re preparing for their next interview. The cool headed smooth talkers are just as terrified as you are before they step into the hiring manager’s office. But what is the difference? Confidence can be the one ingredient to make or break your job search. Attitude in an interview as important as possessing the right skills for the job. Candidates who express desperation are passed over for their more self-assured competition. So why does confidence matter and how can you get more of it? Here are our thoughts.

  • Your job search has gone on longer than expected. Being in the hunt for a job for longer than you imagined can be a real blow to your confidence. However, when you’re in an interview it is best not to dwell on this aspect. Talk to them about the things you’ve been doing, such as volunteering and education, since your last position. This can help you focus on the positive.
  • You feel shame for the way your last job ended. “Why did you leave your last position?” The answer to this question can be very difficult if you left on bad terms. Perhaps you were terminated for performance issues or you didn’t get along with you coworkers. It is okay to process these feelings, but don’t let it color your interview. Focus on the future.
  • Your internal dialog is negative about your failures. If you seem depressed, desperate, or angry in an interview the hiring manager will automatically raise the red flag. It is your job to educate them on why they want to hire you so it is important to curb that inner voice that is telling you you’re not good enough. The truth is you are. Be positive about your experience.

So how can you curb the thoughts of inadequacy and become more confident?

  1. Prepare before the interview. The more knowledge you have about the company, interview process, and specific job the better you will be able to speak confidently about your experience. It is amazing how information can empower you to be more confident.
  2. Focus on your accomplishments. Don’t dwell on negativity. No matter what your inner dialog is telling you, you have something to offer. Determine what those selling points are and focus on them.
  3. Know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Of course, there is such a thing as too confident. Arrogance is as much a turn off as negative behavior and desperation. It is important that you’re able keep your ego in check.

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