5 Secrets from Hiring Managers

Every job seeker knows that in order to land the next great opportunity in their career, they need to impress the hiring manager. But that is sometimes easier said than done and many hiring managers are complete mysteries that can’t quite be puzzled out. So how do you make the right impression? Here are 5 secrets from hiring managers that will help you know how to conduct your communications and make the best impression.

  1. Aggression is not the same as confidence. Experts often tell job seekers they need to be confident when applying for jobs and that following up is critical. However, there is a very fine line that cannot be crossed when it comes to confidence and communication. Aggressively following up can have exactly the opposite effect and cause the hiring manager to discard your application all together.
  2. Be honest about what you want. Never just say what you think the hiring manager wants to hear. Why? Because if you accept a job that isn’t a true fit for your work style, personality, or long term goals you’ll only create a negative situation for everyone involved. Being honest about your career intentions will help you find a job that is better suited to you personally rather than just any job.
  3. Pay attention to the smallest details. Details can make or break an application. This can start with your resume to make sure you have proper grammar and spelling throughout. You also need to be sure to pay attention to your dress, your mannerisms, and how you interact with others in the process.
  4. References are incredibly important. A job candidate who is unable to produce reference information is considered suspect. A job candidate who provides only references that are unrelated to their job history is also suspect. A company that is good at background checking will dig deep, they don’t only want to hear the glowing reviews. Be thoughtful about whose information you share for your references.
  5. Show your personality. Finally, if you keep your personality close to the vest throughout the interview process, you may find yourself in an environment that isn’t suited to you at all. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re conservatively, act accordingly. You need to be in a company that matches your values as much as your work style and experience.

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