5 Things to Look for In a Job Offer

The most satisfying moment in a job search is the receipt of a job offer. But how do you know if this offer, and this job, is the right one for you? Before you accept, it is important that you consider all the reasons to take this job or move on to the next potential opportunity. Many people believe that if they turn down an offer they are putting themselves in a bad position, but accept a job offer that isn’t right will have the same effect. Before you accept the next job, look for these 5 things.

  1. Does it meet your minimum salary requirement? Experts suggest that job seekers create a “walk-away” number before they even interview with a company. This is the lowest salary you can accept based on your finances and what is typical for this job in your city. Use a resource like Salary.com to determine what this number is. If a company makes an offer below your walk-away number, it is time to renegotiate or look elsewhere.
  2. Is the benefits package clear? You may not get a complete picture of the benefits package in the offer letter, but it shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery either. The company should be able to provide some basic details, like what kind of healthcare coverage they offer, and what you may have to pay for the insurance. If this information is too unclear, there may be a reason the company is obscuring it.
  3. Does it share information about personal time or flex time? Personal time off, sick days, flexible schedules, and the option to work from home are all important issues for today’s workers. A company should give you some details on their policies regarding these topics. Do they allow remote working? How do they track productivity? How many vacation days do you get and are these lumped in with sick days or are they separated.
  4. Does it say how the company measures success? It may feel like putting the cart before the horse, but it is important that you understand how the company determines success for each employee before you decide to commit to the job. There are many ways to evaluate results, and it needs to match your personal work style. You also need to know how often they provide feedback, both positive and negative.
  5. Does it feel customized to your needs? Lastly, there is important information hidden in the method of the offer letter. Is it a form letter that is given to everyone they want to hire or was it created with you, your interview, and your needs in mind? This can be an important feature to understanding what kind of company you would be working with were you to accept the job.

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