5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Is motivation the job of managers or employees? While employees need to do their part too, a large portion of engagement needs to come from the top down. Employees look to their managers for direction and leadership, so how can you inspire your employees to go above and beyond? Here are several ideas you can use today to encourage your employees to remain focused and engaged on the job.

  1. Lead by example. You set the tone for your entire organization. Yes, your team will look up to you take their cues. If you’re frazzled, stressed, or negative, they will be too. You need to demonstrate the right attitude for your office to expect that your staff will follow suit.
  2. Offer training and development. Employee burnout happens for a lot of reasons, but one potential cause is feeling bored or stagnant in their job. To combat this, offer them training and development opportunities within the company.
  3. Solicit their input. Employees also like to know that their contributions matter. When you’re making changes, look to them for their feedback. Take their suggestions and opinions into account when creating new policies or assigning new work.
  4. Say thank you. Along the same lines, don’t forget to let them know when you appreciate the work they’re doing. Send a thank you card, offer rewards for performance, or just remember to say the words when talking to your staff.
  5. Stop micromanaging. Lastly, if you want your team to remain engaged and motivated on the job, you need ensure that you’re management style doesn’t get in the way. Fear and intimidation doesn’t work. And neither does micromanaging. Start with yourself first.

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