8 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

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Many companies have adopted a remote-first approach to hiring. Candidates are increasingly being asked to participate in virtual interviews, allowing them to meet with the hiring manager without any undue risk. 

While virtual interviews are very similar to in-person ones, there are some nuances candidates need to know about before they participate. That way, they can prepare properly, increasing their odds of impressing during the meeting. If you want to make sure you’re ready to shine, here are eight tips to prepare for a virtual interview. 

1. Do a Tech Test Run 

Virtual interviews rely on specific technologies. If a single piece isn’t working right, the experience greatly diminishes. As a result, it’s wise to make sure your tech is in good working order by conducting a test run. 

Check your camera, microphone, and video conferencing software two days before the event. That way, you can troubleshoot problems in advance. 

2. Pick Your Attire

While the idea of interviewing in your suit jacket, button-up shirt, and pajama bottoms might seem appealing, it’s a bad move. Not only can that affect mindset, but there’s always a chance you’ll have to get up during the meeting, allowing the hiring manager to see that you aren’t professionally dressed. 

Pick your outfit in advance, going for the same business casual look you’d use in an in-person meeting. However, test it on camera before your appointment. Some colors don’t come across as well, so it’s a good idea to check. 

3. Practice Your Answers

While you might think you could look up answers online while participating in a virtual interview, don’t. The hiring manager will notice lengthy pauses, typing noises, or your video and audio conveniently cutting out when they ask a challenging question. 

Instead, practice with common interview questions for the position you want to land. That way, you can give a solid response with ease. 

4. Record Your Responses

Depending on your microphone quality, you may not come across as clearly as you think you are. When you practice your interview answers, record yourself using the same microphone you’ll have for the interview. That way, you can get an idea of how you’re coming through, allowing you to make adjustments if needed. 

5. Eliminate Distractions

Since you’ll be on a computer at home during your interview, eliminate as many distractions as possible. Turn off audio and popup notifications as a starting point to ensure they don’t grab your attention during the meeting. 

Additionally, choose a quiet place in your home for the meeting. If you have pets, keep them away. If other family members will be home, let them know that you can’t be disturbed. 

6. Check Your Background

When you’re doing a virtual interview, you aren’t the only thing that ends up on camera. Anything behind you may be visible as well. 

Before your interview, see what else in the room will be in the video. If there’s anything inappropriate or controversial, remove it. If there’s a lot of distracting clutter, clean it up. That way, you can take center stage. 

7. Watch Your Body Language

With a video interview, the hiring manager only sees part of you. You want to be aware of what your body language is conveying, as it may come across differently since you aren’t in a room together. 

Make sure you’re ready to sit up straight and can keep your face well positioned in the frame. Additionally, be aware of your facial expressions. 

Finally, understand that mimicking eye contact requires you to look at the camera when you talk, not the screen. While it can feel a bit odd at first, being able to make eye contact with the camera can help you stand out. 

8. Be Ready Early

While you might not need to be poised in front of your computer 15 minutes before the meeting time, you do want to make sure you’re ready to log into the meeting room at least five minutes before your start time. That way, the hiring manager isn’t stuck waiting on you. 

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