Accounting and Finance: Off the Beaten Path

There are some strongly held perceptions of what it means to be an accounting or finance professional. Many people assume that these are behind the scenes jobs. They also assume that the accountant only wants to deal in numbers and money without regard for other aspects of business. The truth is, there has always been great variety in these careers. Are you looking for a unique job that can utilize your finance and accounting skills. Here are some potential career paths to consider.

  • Entertainment. Creative industries have different accounting needs than corporations. Some knowledge about copyright law or royalties can help round out an accounting background and get you in front of entertainment companies or individuals.
  • Forensic. The need for forensic accounting comes when companies don’t invest in internal auditing. This field allows professionals to dig deep into an organization’s finances to discover what went wrong, how it went wrong, and how to fix it.
  • Environmental. Green industries are growing and they will need people who can run the numbers, too. If your experience is in finance but you have a passion for saving the environment, this can be a great way to give back and make a living.
  • Fintech. Many companies are seeking accountants and finance professional who bring more to the table. Fintech is the inevitable merging of these industries and someone with experience is highly coveted by companies.

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