An Intro to Finance: How To Find Your First Job

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Are you looking for your first finance job after college? Or, you might be transitioning your career after working in another sector. Before you begin your job search there are a few things you might want to know to help you with your successful job hunt and career transition. Here are some ways you can launch your finance career.

  • Choose companies to target. Job ads are just one small way to find a new job. It may even be the least productive method. If you get caught up in filling out online applications or sending your resume to blind job postings you may miss out on some better opportunities. Instead, you should directly target companies that are a match for your personal goals and values. Use resources such as LinkedIn to find companies and contact information. Even if they aren’t hiring they could still be a very helpful connection.
  • Get out and network. Of course, LinkedIn isn’t the only place you should make connections. Take your networking skills to the streets. Join local organizations for finance professionals or get in touch with your alumni group in town. Attend events and seminars to meet others who might be able to help you in your career search. Create business cards that direct your new contact to your online portfolio, blog, and resume. Remember, networking is a skill and it takes practice.
  • Create the right resume. You may find yourself needing to be creative with your resume when searching for your first job or transitioning to finance from another industry. If you don’t have much real world experience in accounting you’ll need to design an eye catching resume that will draw the interest of the hiring manager. Include transferable skills, accomplishments, quantifiable data, and other selling points on your resume. You may want to consider a functional resume format rather than a chronological resume. This way you can focus on your skills rather than your job history.
  • Find a professional mentor. One of the best tools any job seeker can have is a mentor. This is someone who is already working in finance or accounting who will be your sounding board and inspiration throughout your job search and career. They may be a local business professional or a professor. They can tell you how they got started, give you tips that will make your search smoother, and help you overcome mistakes along the way.

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