Be Prepared to Answer These Questions in Your Next Interview

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A job interview is an exciting event. However, it can also be very nerve-wracking. After all, you’re going to be put on the spot, having to answer a variety of questions about your capabilities and experience. That isn’t easy. 

Luckily, by practicing common interview questions, you can improve your performance. It gives you a chance to hone your responses, allowing them to flow naturally. 

There are certain job interview questions that are widely used, so much so that they’re practically universal. If you want to make sure you’re ready for your next interview, here are the questions you need to be prepared to answer. 

Can You Tell Me About Yourself? 

Hiring managers use this question as an icebreaker. It’s incredibly flexible, allowing candidates to discuss almost anything they believe is worth sharing. Stumbling over this one can hurt your chances of being selected. It serves as a first impression, for one. For another, it’s practically guaranteed to come up, so there’s no reason you should be caught off-guard. 

Ideally, you want to have a three-sentence elevator pitch ready as an answer. Focus on your career path and professional achievements, ensuring your response is concise and relevant. 

Why Do You Want to Work For [Company]? 

This question serves two purposes. First, it allows the hiring manager to find out what intrigues you about the company. Second, it lets them test your knowledge about the organization. 

Nailing this interview question requires specifics. You want to showcase that you know what the company is all about, so reference something that aligns with what it does and explain why that caught your interest. 

Why Are You Looking for a New Job? 

This question may look benign, but it’s ultimately very revealing. It lets the hiring manager know whether you were terminated from your last position, if you have negative things to say about your current or previous employer, or about your core motivations for finding something new. 

While you want to be honest, you should skew toward the positive whenever possible. Focus on what this role means to you, not what your last job was lacking. By being future-focused, you’re less likely to make a misstep. For example, if there was no room for advancement, discuss your excitement about the ability to grow professionally, not that your last employer lacked opportunities. 

Why Should We Hire You? 

With this question, you want to present a strong value proposition. Your answer needs to focus on what you can do for the company, not what it can do for you. 

Let the hiring manager know precisely how you can put your skills to work for them. Discuss how your capabilities can help the company achieve its mission or overcome an obstacle. Highlight accomplishments that align with that point, letting the hiring manager know that you have the kind of experience they need. That way, they’ll have an easier time envisioning you excelling in the position. 

We Can Help You With Your Interview Prep

Ultimately, every job seeker should be prepared to answer the questions above. If you’d like to learn more about how you can shine during your next interview, the staff at VB can help. Contact us today.