Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

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In the United States, National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15. It’s a time to celebrate the amazing Hispanic and Latinx-American cultures, as well as acknowledge the contributions of those who belong to these groups.

As a company, finding ways to ensure your employees can bring their whole selves to work and be appreciated for what makes them unique is essential. It helps you create a positive, inclusive culture where everyone is able to thrive, leading to greater successes.

Seizing opportunities to celebrate the fantastic makeup of your workforce is always a wise decision. If you want to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month this year, here are some tips that can help.

Talk to Your Workforce

Before you plan any festivities in recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, take the time to speak with the Hispanic and Latinx members of your workforce. Find out about aspects of their culture they would like to share, as well as how they would like to celebrate them.

By speaking with your workforce, you can avoid potential missteps that may hurt your company’s reputation. Assumptions about what is or isn’t appropriate can lead to trouble, so it’s always best to ask before making any decisions.

Don’t Assign Planning Tasks Based on Background

When you prepare the event, don’t assume that Hispanic or Latinx employees want to participate in the planning. While some may be happy to give the occasion their time and energy, others may not have enough schedule flexibility to fit those activities into their lives. In those cases, they may view the celebration as a burden instead of a form of recognition, something that works against the spirit of the occasion.

Instead of assigning tasks, ask for volunteers for a planning committee. Invite everyone who would like to take part to get involved, making this part of the event inclusive and welcoming. Ask Hispanic and Latinx volunteers if they would like to take the lead, ensuring they feel heard during every step of the planning process.

By using that approach, you’ll get an enthusiastic planning team. With that in place, the odds of a vibrant, engaging celebration go up dramatically.

Encourage Full Participation

When an event focuses on the cultural heritage of a particular group, other members of your workforce may be uncertain about how they fit into the picture. Alleviate their concerns by openly inviting full participation. Encourage everyone to enjoy the festivities. Additionally, present it as a learning opportunity that allows team members to get to know their colleagues in a new way, something that can result in greater levels of respect and better collaboration.

Ultimately, planning a celebration for National Hispanic Heritage Month can be a smart move, especially when handled properly. It’s a chance to recognize a critical part of your workforce, as well as introduce employees to each other in new ways.

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