Do You Have What it Takes to Work in Finance? 5 Qualities for Success

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A talent for understanding and planning finances is a great start for a number of potential careers. Before you leave school and leap into the unknown of corporate America or the world of independent finance planning and accounting there are a few things to consider. Do you have what it takes to work in finance?

Let’s look at a few things you should know before seeking your first job in the industry.

  • Education. Accounting and finance success starts with an excellent foundation. Once you have the degree it is important to get the proper certifications for the aspect of finance in which you want to specialize. Talk with professors and business professionals in your community to determine which certifications or continued education will be right for your ultimate career goals.
  • People skills. The stereotype that accountants or other finance professionals are introverted is no longer applicable in the field. In fact, for jobs in financial planning it is important that candidates hone their skills in sales and communications in order to acquire and keep clients.
  • Choice. Accountants and other financial professionals have a lot of choices when it comes to job opportunities. There are roles in both the private and public sectors. There is the potential to open your own practice and work independently. For financial planning there are roles that earn commission only, based on fees, or salaried. Conduct some research on the options and pursue what make the most sense for you.
  • Competition. Especially in financial planning, the industry can be highly competitive. If you’re not prepared for high levels of competition you may wish to pursue a financial career with a little less competition, such as corporate accounting.
  • Get started. Once you’ve done your research and learned about your options and make connections in your community it is time to start getting down to the hard work. Craft a killer resume, work with mentors and advisers, and begin networking.

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