How to Network and Find a Job While Working Remotely

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When you work remotely, it may feel like your networking opportunities are slim. Mainly, this is because we envision networking as involving in-person communication at large events. While that can certainly be a facet, it isn’t the only option.

Today, there is a wide range of options for networking remotely. You can form strong connections with other professionals purely online, making networking more convenient than ever for remote professionals.

If you are working remotely and need to expand your network, here are some strategies that can make it easier.

Join Social Media Groups

Many social media platforms allow users to create groups based on a variety of criteria. As a result, many of them are professionally oriented, focusing on specific fields or industries.

If you want to network online, joining groups on LinkedIn or Facebook can be a great way to get started. You’ll be able to engage in discussion with other professionals who have similar interests or careers, allowing you to cultivate connections that could lead to a larger network. Plus, many of these groups openly discuss job opportunities, allowing you to get helpful information faster.

Attend Online Conferences

During COVID-19, conferences went virtual. As a result, people could attend from anywhere. Plus, they weren’t limited to just listening to speakers; many of the platforms had collaboration and communication features, too. This allowed participants to engage with one another, making it possible to network during the event just like they would if they attended in person.

Tap Your Alumni Association Database

Many alumni associations took their databases online. That way, fellow graduates could find new connections with ease, reaching out over email or social media when they see someone they want to add to their network.

The benefit of this approach is that you automatically have something in common: your college. Plus, you can often filter results based on field, employer, physical location, and more, allowing you to find the best connections for your job search needs.

As an added bonus, many alumni associations offer career-related assistance. They may also have information about job opportunities, giving you another resource.

Join a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are offices that people can share. Usually, they are used by professionals who either don’t have a home office or want to head to an outside spot to improve productivity. Part of what makes them attractive is that they have a wide range of office amenities available. However, they can also be great networking opportunities.

When you head to a coworking space, you can engage with other professionals who are using the service. Since people may come and go, you could meet people who work for a wide range of companies in a variety of fields, allowing you to broaden your network in ways you never thought possible. This could lead to job opportunities you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, which is incredibly beneficial.

Ultimately, all of the networking options above can be incredibly useful. They let you connect with more professionals even if you’re working remotely. Once you cultivate the relationships, you can enlist their assistance with your job search, giving you access to even more opportunities.

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