Increase Employee Engagement with These 4 Tips

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Effective management is about so much more than delegating tasks and following up with your employees. As a leader, it is your role to ensure that your employees are happy, engaged, and motivated. Every member of your team is different, so how do you accomplish this task and boost employee engagement for everyone, even with their different personalities? Here are some of the things you can do in your position as manager to help boost employee engagement.

  1. Show your appreciation. How often do you say “Thank You” to your staff? You’d be surprised to hear that the sentiment is often uncommon in the workplace. Companies spend thousands of dollars a year, or more, to create incentive packages to keep their employees happy but they fail to do this one small gesture. A simple show of appreciation will go a long way.
  2. Improve the company culture. That being said, there are some bigger gestures that will also help increase your employee engagement. One of the best ways is to ensure that you’ve created an environment and a corporate culture that your employees look forward to working in each and every day. This is everything from the color of the walls to the values the company stands behind.
  3. Embrace the mission statement. Speaking of your company values, your mission statement is a big part of your organizational identity so make sure that you stand behind it and hire individuals who share the vision of where you and your mission statement want the company to go. A mission statement isn’t just a platitude, it is the foundation of your business.
  4. Lead by example. Finally, if you want your staff to feel engaged you have to demonstrate engagement each and every day as well. You are the leader of the company and without your buy in, no one else will feel the satisfaction if success. You need to stay engaged, take responsibility for your actions, share credit when it is necessary, and generally be happy about the work that you’re doing. Without this last piece of the puzzle, nothing will fall into place.

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