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Most people don’t think of Denver or even Colorado as being a hot bed for tech talent. However, the Denver tech market is extremely tight, as it is one of the top ten most popular cities for startups [Entrepreneur Magazine]. A national report on U.S. tech industry real estate markets conducted by Jones Lange LaSalle (JLL), the Chicago-based real estate firm, reinforced this, ranking the Denver area among the two dozen U.S. metro areas where growing early-stage companies predominate in the tech scene.

As tight as the Denver IT tech market is, hiring the right IT talent isn’t just about finding candidates with the hard technical skills, it’s about matching the hard and soft skills to find you the best organizational fit. Many of whom have begun migrating away from the traditional coastal hubs to Denver, because of the high quality of life, supportive tech network and strong company cultures it offers. Today’s IT professionals are in ever-increasing demand among organizations and start-ups, so discovering qualified candidates can often be difficult and time consuming, especially in such a tight market.

Our experienced IT recruiters at VincentBenjamin in Denver take the time to get to know you and your business so we can develop a customized recruitment strategy, to target those IT professionals in Denver, with the skills and experience you need, and that match your organizations’ culture. Whether you’re in search of a programmer, ERP analyst, security engineer, IT consultant or IT executive our Denver IT recruiters will help uncover the perfect IT professional to help give your business the competitive advantage it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

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