4 Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the best professional tools you have at your fingertips. The fact that it’s free is an added bonus. Far too many job seekers ignore the site all together because they’re not really sure how to optimize their profiles. Before you decide that LinkedIn isn’t right for you, try these tips to improve your profile and start making the right connections.

4 Practical Tips to Refocus at Work

Distractions are everywhere. Just writing this blog post made us stop and start several times. Being unfocused can really destroy your motivation during the work day, but it happens to everyone. So how can you get your mind back in the zone and regain your focus when you need to most? Here are 4 tips to make it happen!

4 Expert Tips on How and When to Ask for a Promotion

Do you feel like you deserve more responsibility in your office along with a bigger paycheck? If you wait for someone to offer you a promotion you may be waiting a long time. If you really want to prove your worth it may be time to talk to your boss about the possibility of taking on more and getting a raise. So, how do you ask for a promotion without making the wrong impression? The good news: it...

5 Scheduling Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

The best thing that you have at your disposal as a professional is your calendar. This simple organizational tool can help you stay on track, work smarter, and accomplish your tasks in a timely manner. So how can you optimize your calendar to improve your productivity? Whether you prefer an online calendar or paper on your desk here are some things to keep in mind so you can get more done. Sched...