The 4 Keys to a Long and Happy Financial Career

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Career burnout can happen to anyone in any industry, but for some reason financial professionals seem to face high instances of it. Traders, bankers, and planners are all industries where knowledge can take you far, but age seems to be a factor in the hiring process. How can you combat this in your career? While age discrimination suits are one way to buck the system, another is to work hard toward a thriving long term career. Use these tips to help you stay on top of your game for future success.

  1. Continue to network. This is a piece of career advice far too many people ignore. You should never stop networking. Even after you have a great job, continue to go out and meet new people in your industry. You never know when a connection can help you in the future. LinkedIn makes networking easy online but don’t forget face-to-face events.
  2. Don’t abandon your mentors. It is easy to determine that at some point in the career you transition from mentee to mentor yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should let those relationships lapse. They may evolve or you may find yourself seeking new mentor relationships, but there is always wisdom in learning from the experiences of others.
  3. Keep soft skills up to date. Many financial professionals focus all their time on maintaining their hard skills. They make sure they learn new software and stay on top of latest trends. But many fail to maintain their soft skills. These are typically personality traits that can’t be taught. They include communication, leadership, and organizational skills.
  4. Market your steady experience. One of the ways many financial professionals do find long term career satisfaction is by helping others start their own businesses. The years of experience will help you become a true expert in the field and you can offer senior financial planner services or consulting.

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