The Top 5 Reasons to Build New IT Skills

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A career in IT is not a static thing. The industry is changing rapidly and the skills of just five years ago aren’t as necessary as those of today. In order to stay competitive in the job market it is essential that you continue to develop your IT skills. If you have your doubts, consider these reasons to keep learning new IT skills to stay relevant.

  1. The competition won’t have a leg up. This first reason is truly a softball. If you don’t know the latest skills that companies are hiring for you will be quickly passed up for new jobs in favor of your more knowledgeable competition. However, if you continue to add new skills to your catalog and remain not only relevant but versatile you may find yourself with a variety of opportunities.
  2. You shouldn’t presume to know everything. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. There is no IT professional in the workplace today who can know everything possible about the industry. Another word for this is “hubris.” Once you start to think you know more than everyone, you will find yourself undesirable as a candidate.
  3. The industry is constantly changing. If there is one universal truth about information technology is that it is constantly evolving. The internet of 20 years ago would be barely recognizable to someone just getting started today. As a professional if you don’t keep up with the latest technology you will be quickly left behind.
  4. You can’t advance your career. Many people who have stuck with just one aspect of IT find themselves unable to break out of their mold. They remain in the same types of support roles for years. If you have a desire to move upward in your current organization or transition to another company we advise you to continue your IT education.
  5. Learning keeps your brain healthy. Lastly, unrelated to landing your next job, learning new skills keeps your brain healthier and if your brain is healthier the benefits go way beyond employment. If you love IT, spend time learning new things to keep your mind young and engaged.

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