Top 3 Myths About Working With a Recruiter

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What kinds of things have you heard about working with a recruiter? Are recruiters rude and unresponsive? Do they rip you off as a job seeker? Do you think they’re a “scam” to just collect a lot of resumes? These rumors are all very common myths about working with recruiters. The truth is, a recruiter can be your greatest ally when it comes to finding a job. Let’s look at the top 3 myths about recruiters and shed some real light on the subject.

  1. I won’t get paid as much if I go through a recruiter. This is absolutely the top myth about recruiters, and it’s dangerously wrong. Job seekers think that they will either have to pay for a recruiter’s services, which is incorrect, or they will be paid less so the recruiter can get “their cut.” The truth is, the salary for the job is established by the hiring company. The recruiter is paid by charging a fee, typically a percentage on top of the pay rate, to their client. It is in the recruiter’s best interest to get a candidate the best salary deal because the more the employee makes, the more the recruiter will earn.
  2. Every recruiter does the same thing. Not all recruiters are equal. Many specialize in certain industries and excel at matching candidates to companies only in that space. If you’re an IT professional you want to seek out a recruiter that specializes in IT placements. A more general recruiter may not completely understand what you’re looking for. They may also not be connected to employers in your industry. It is important to work with recruiters who truly understand your needs a job seeker.
  3. A recruiter is supposed to find me a job. Many job seekers fail to understand the professional dynamic of the recruiting industry. A recruiter is contacted by a company to help the company source and hire the right candidate for the open job. Once the recruiter has the information about the job they are then able to search their own employee database or outside resume sources to find someone who matches the job’s criteria. The recruiter works for the company, not for the candidate. Therefore, a job is never a guarantee. They are simply another tool to help in your job search.

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