Top 4 Tips for Women in the Tech Industry

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There is still a significant disproportion between the sexes in the workplace when it comes to STEM based jobs. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. While more young women are being encouraged to join STEM programing in high school and college there are still relatively few entering the field when compared to men. This does not mean, however, that there isn’t a great need for women in technology. If you’re considering entering IT, here is some practical advice that can help you navigate this male dominated field.

  1. Have a mission to block out the noise. There still exists some gender bias in the hard sciences. Nobel Prize winning scientist Tim Hunt recently declared that women in the laboratory are just distractions for men who are getting the real science done. This sent shockwaves through the scientific community, as it rightly should. Technology is no different. There will always be detractors but it is important to understand why you’re there and learn to work past the noise.
  2. Find mentors or other support networks. To assist with your mission it is a great idea to find mentors and other tech community support to help encourage you in your career. Talk to other women in your industry, professors who have helped you along the way, or join industry groups specifically for women in technology that can help you block out the negativity and concentrate on your goals.
  3. Remain as curious as you were in the beginning. What got you into technology in the first place? Almost every time you’ll answer that it was curiosity. Maybe it was about how something worked or how you could make improvements or changes to the system. Keep this in mind as you’re navigating your career. Curiosity leads to innovation and you never know where that can take you.
  4. Understand the volatility of the tech market. Of course, a career in IT won’t always be rainbows and unicorns. Negative situations happen and there may be nothing you or anyone else can do about them. The market is volatile and changes regularly. Even if you are at the top of your game you might find yourself in a difficult position sometime in your career. It is okay to grieve the job loss but focus on your skills and accomplishments to pick yourself back up and move on.

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