Top 5 IT Skills for 2015

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Are you looking for a new position in IT? What skills should be on your resume to make you the most marketable candidate and stand out among your competition? The IT industry has changed so significantly over the last several years that incoming candidates have an advantage over those who have been in the workforce for some time. Let’s take a look at the top IT skills that companies are looking for in 2015.

  1. Coding: This skill is still number one worldwide when it comes to technical knowledge. However, it is largely ignored in the U.S. education system. It is never too late to pick up coding skills and there are a variety of resources available online that teach computer coding languages for free. Codecadamy is one of the most popular and accessible ways to learn coding on your own.
  2. Cloud Computing: Over the next year or so cloud computing will become the mainstream as it has continued to gain steam in the preceding years. Businesses can reduce their costs exponentially by transitioning their databases to the cloud and as the technology becomes more reliable these companies will continue switching over. This means there will be a need for IT professionals with expertise in the cloud.
  3. Big Data: Because of the rise of the information age our ability to collect and analyze data has increased significantly. In fact, companies now collect so much data the current technology used to analyze it has become obsolete. This is where big data comes into the business landscape. Knowing how to writing programming for big data and analyze the results will be sought after in the marketplace.
  4. Mobile Platforms: Similarly to the cloud and big data, companies now understand that the need to integrate mobile technology into their business offerings is essential. The IT department is transitioning from back office support to a profit center as things like mobile platforms become revenue generating solutions. Knowing how to integrate mobile technology to a company’s current business structure will be essential.
  5. Information Security: With all of this new technology including the cloud and mobile platforms companies’ data is more at risk than ever before. Since these offerings are going anywhere any time soon it is essential that companies also implement security measures to protect their customers’ data. Navigating the InfoSec world will be a huge benefit for IT job seekers.

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