Transferable Skills: How To Change Industries in Your Career

Are you looking to change careers? It sounds scarier than it really is if you consider your transferable skills. What is a transferable skill? This is knowledge and ability you possess in your current career that can be re-positioned to apply to a new industry. Don’t let a lack of experience be your barrier to a new job. Look at these ways your experience can apply to a new opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at some common examples.

  • Time management. When you go in for an interview, know that the reason the company is seeking a new employee is because they have a problem they need to solve. If you can position your transferable skills in this way, you can land the job. For instance, time management may be a big deal for them. The specific work from the past can be irrelevant as long as you can prove you’re on top of deadlines and not easily frustrated when directions change.
  • Leadership skills. People don’t only learn leadership skills while in a management position. There may have been a number of ways you’ve taken the role of leader in your previous jobs. Showcase these accomplishments by telling the story about a time when you demonstrated your ability to lead your team.
  • Ability to communicate. Another skill that is important regardless of the position you hold is communication. Not only should you be an effective communicator one-on-one but also demonstrate good communications skills in writing. You may also want to emphasize your ability to speak in front of groups or with people in a variety of positions throughout an organization from entry level up to C-level.
  • Research experience. Another skills that is becoming increasingly more important in any industry is research. With a lot of information available, knowing how to discern important and relevant information is important. You can demonstrate your transferable skills in research in a number of ways depending on the requirements of the position for which you’re applying.

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