Your Elevator Pitch: How to Create the Perfect Icebreaker

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Have you heard of an elevator pitch? This short, 30 second story can break the ice with important industry contacts. When it comes to your career it is important to have all of the right tools in place for when you need them the most. There are a few things you need to know about crafting your elevator pitch and how to use it during an interview or in conversation. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Be interesting. A short 30 second pitch won’t do you much good if it doesn’t grab your audience’s attention and keep them asking for more. Have a good opening line, be authentic, and figure out your core message.
  • Solve a problem. Buzzwords are a dime a dozen. Don’t throw out words like “team player” or “multi-tasker.” Instead, demonstrate that you can help solve a problem based on your skills and experience.
  • Facilitate connections. An elevator pitch doesn’t serve you if it isn’t able to make long term connections. You want to share your pitch with someone with the end result of striking up a bigger conversation and swapping contact information.
  • Don’t sell. While an elevator pitch does have the effect of selling you and your skills to the right audience it is important that it not come across as a desperate sale pitch. Tell your story in 30 seconds and make the other person care.
  • Know your audience. Sharing your elevator pitch to the wrong people is as ineffective as not having one at all. Before you decide to share your pitch with someone you’ve just met make sure you understand how they can fit in with your long term goals.
  • Respond in kind. Never leave a conversation having just talked about you and your experience. Always make it a give and take. Ask the other person what it is that they do and determine ways you can help them in the future.

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