4 Reasons You Must Include a Cover Letter

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Recruiters and hiring managers have noticed a trend over the last few years. Fewer candidates are sending cover letters with their resumes. They may hastily pound out an email to inform that the resume is attached, but that isn’t the same thing. While the recruiting industry often says a resume is your first impression, in truth there is an earlier step. A cover letter introduces your resume and gives it context. It can be the real make or break moment for your job search. So why do you need a cover letter? Here are the reasons it could change everything for you.

  1. It tells your story. Context is everything. The way humans communicate best is through story. If you can provide the narrative of your experience rather than a simple list, you’ll attract the reader’s attention and make them interested in learning more. A cover letter doesn’t need to start with “Once Upon a Time,” but it should engage the hiring manager.
  2. It shares your personality. A cover letter will also give you a chance to showcase your personality so a hiring manager can better understand how you might fit into their current team. Companies don’t only hire based on skills, they also want to make sure they have the right fit for their office environment.
  3. It shows your interest. You can also use a cover letter to demonstrate why you want to work for this company or how you succeeded in a similar situation before. Your level of enthusiasm and the reasons for applying are as important as the skills you bring to the table. You want to convince the reader that you’re the only person they should consider for this job.
  4. It demonstrates your attention to detail. Finally, a cover letter is often a tool for the potential employer to determine who can or can’t follow directions. Before applying to a job, carefully read all the requirements for the application. They may ask for something specific to be sent along with your resume. If you are unable to follow these directions, you will be disqualified.

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