4 Tips for Creating the Best Finance Resume

It may come as a surprise, but there is no single formula for writing the perfect resume. Imagine a world where everyone submits identical resumes, except for one person whose resume is unique. Which person do you think the recruiter will call? Finance jobs don’t seem like the environment for a lot of creative design, but that makes it more important than ever to stand out among your competition. Here are 4 tips for your financial resume.

  1. Incorporate your accomplishments. There are certain skills that all financial professionals bring to the table. Your job is to ensure that you demonstrate what makes you different from the other resumes that have been received. Rather than simply listing your skills, show exactly how they have served you, your career, and your employers in the past.
  2. Set and communicate clear goals. Many experts suggest that you customize each resume for each job application. But what if, instead, you customized your search for the job you really want. Create the resume that really showcases who you are as a professional and only go after the jobs that will further your career goals.
  3. Include financial keywords. A resume will often be read by a computer before it is read by a person. To get past the first gate, you need to include the common words and phrases the computer program has been designed to target. Clues to these words are often in the job descriptions themselves. Add them to your resume in a natural way.
  4. Summarize your experience. Of course with all your accomplishments and all of your keywords, it is important to also include the experience that you have accumulated. Rather than creating a list for each job, develop a summary that will quickly communicate what you know how to do. This can also be an easy way to incorporate those accomplishments and keywords without sounding forced.

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